Short Stories

The Lion-Hearted

Once upon a while back, the world as we know it was made up of different people, different races. Majority of them had come together and formed a kingdom called Aiye, where they were under the rule of Oba-Aiye and his Henchmen. There was a particular race, however, that had...

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In the most unlikely place

She was 21, when she met him. They shared mutual friends and had become fast friends because he was the only familiar face in a new country. When her family initially moved, they had been connected via a girlfriend who had gone to the same high school as him. He...

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An ode to my LOVE

Love of my life, you are sweeter than the honey produced by the bees, more precious than the gems hewn from the earth, more costly to me than the black gold that flows under the seas. I love you!Not because of whom you are alone, but even more so for...

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