IYÙNADÉ: Daughter of Idande

A tale of a place where the unusual is the norm, where myth is reality and anything is possible. Award-winning journalist Awadi is in Idande on a special invite to film a documentary. The throne has sat vacant for 3 years and ‘The Elite’ are tasked with finding the ‘son of promise’. 

Iyunade is broken by events from the past but her love for Idande is unyielding in the face of adversity. The gods walk amongst men and Idande is being rebirthed. A tale of strength incorporating elements of patriotism, the supernatural, betrayal, loss, and love.

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ẸWÀADÉ: Gift of The Gods

In the aftermath of Awadi’s rebirth as Adeileri, the son of promise, Ewaade arrives, a gift from the Gods to the Royal house. Ewa is born into the destiny of another, heavily gifted like her mother before her, but her path will take her across enemy lines into the heart of Obiagu. When the Gods of enemy islands consort, mortal wills must bend. In a race against time to prevent an all out war, Ewa must win the trust of the Dikeeze.

A tale of broken trust, deception and the struggle to restore the brotherhood between Idande and Obiagu

MORÁDÉYỌ̀: The Ascension and MORÁKINYỌ̀’s Redemption

Unity between the isles has come at a cost, Adeileri lies in a coma, and Radeyo is fighting the battle of self discovery. Ajaku has hatched his final plan, all out war against Idande and the twins of terror are out to play foul. Rakinyo, son of the lion finds himself an unwilling pawn in the power tussle.

Radeyo is faced with a choice, she will either lose her twin or lose herself This is the final tussle between darkness and light, will Iyunade and her seed make it out alive?

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