An ode to my LOVE

Love of my life, you are sweeter than the honey produced by the bees, more precious than the gems hewn from the earth, more costly to me than the black gold that flows under the seas.
I love you!
Not because of whom you are alone, but even more so for what you do.
Who are you?
You are the bright and morning star, oh so beautiful to gaze upon, and the first thing I see each morn.
You are the mighty man of valor, the commander of the hosts of heaven, you are breath-taking, and I dare not refuse you.
You are the lion of the tribe of Judah, terrible to see, and even more fearful when you open your jaws to roar.
As you do so, the enemy is swallowed up by fear, the forests shake, the seas move creating tidal waves.
Your steps shake the pillars that hold up the sky, the shake of your mane, leads to winds that move faster than sound itself.
You are the balm of Gilead, soothing my every hurt nursing my wounds, and making me whole in you.
As a mother would you rub my back after a trying period, allow me times of respite to regain my strength so I can go back to the business you’ve given to me.
Should any move to hurt me, you become as angry as the mother bear moving in for the kill, you uproot all the obstacles before me.
What you did, and are still doing though, is what endears you to me.
You gave your life up in a split second, no thought of station or rank.
You the creator, became as the created, and took my death, in a most shameful way.
After that you descended into the pit to contend for the keys that the first Adam handed over to the old serpent.
You retrieved them, gave them to me as my portion in you, then ascended back to the realm of glory.
There you seat interceding constantly with the Father on my behalf.
What manner of love is that you would die for one as wretched as I?
Still you avail yourself to me, no matter how often I head off on a different tangent.
Would I that you ate the well wrapped chocolates lovers hand to each other, then I would give one for each day in the year.
Would I that you drank the bubbly champagne, given to celebrate, than would your vats be overflowing with this hearty ale.
Would I that you enjoyed being wrapped in my arms as a child, then I’d hold you never to let go.
However none of these are plausible on this side of eternity, so I content myself with singing you a sweet melody upon awakening, talking with you through out the day, and simply listening for that sweet voice.
A voice that warms my heart, and gives me Goosebumps.
A voice that lets me know you will never leave or forsake me.
So my darling, this is an ode to a love undefiled, and pure!!!! 

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