Faith is my life, writing my voice! I’m fully alive in a place where faith and reality cloaked in fantasy are forever intertwined


IYÙNADÉ: Daughter of Idande

A tale of a place where the unusual is the norm, where myth is reality and anything is possible.

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ẸWÀADÉ: Gift Of The Gods​

A tale of broken trust, deception and the struggle to restore the brotherhood between Ìdáǹdè and Obiagụ

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MORÁDÉYỌ̀: The Ascension and MORÁKINYỌ̀’s Redemption

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A doctor by day, an author by night! A third culture child who lived in western, central and eastern Africa, but also experienced Europe, the Americas and the Carribean. I am blessed to have experienced different cultures and be shaped by those experiences.

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More than being an author of books, I can also be commissioned  for other forms of creative expressions.

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